Terms of use

This web portal has been created to facilitate collaboration among business partners. The portal helps to reduce the interrelation involving the respective general terms and conditions of their respective business contracts. 

General permissions
The inspection and retrieval of the hereby stored PDF documents of the participating companies is available to everyone and is free of charge. NOT ALLOWED, however, is the use of the stored Terms and Conditions for your own purpose.
Trade mark rights of the companies participating in the stored archive Terms and Conditions, such as copyrights or industrial performance rights will remain unaffected.

Timelines of stored Terms and Conditions
For those Terms and Conditions deposited on this web site, each validity period is specified.

Provisions for participating companies
The ability, as our customer to use the AGB-Archiv is generally opened to every merchant based in the Federal Republic of Germany. For participation, an annual use fee is charged. For the formal and substantive correctness of the terms and conditions, data stored on our website i.e. the formal and material validity over the given period of validity. Is solely the responsible of the companies that uses these Terms. The complete name of the company using this Terms must derive directly from the stored document.

We the operators of this portal only accept non-editable documents (PDF format).